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Friday, October 13, 2006

For your latest viewing pleasure, we bring your more excerpts from our own beloved twat, baby^whore or "sabath" as she likes to be called now.

She came to my blog (this is Theresa btw) and posted this generic post (see below) and when I decided to respond, I get this:

sabath | October 12th, 2006 at 8:58 pm

can you say blonde roots? Lmao…No where in that post were you mentioned.. OMG, down from the farm eh?

I responded because she felt the need to run her trash talking, trailer park slut ass on my site. No I am not have be specifically mentioned but bringing that shit to my site is like starting a ware. I will not now or ever tolerate that crap. If she continues to run her mouth, I have friends on the very server she sits on and I will just track her down, and drive to Ohio to beat her ass in person.

Bring on the wanna be rent a cop brother. I really dont give a tiny rats ass anymore. Should the brother exist, Ill just laugh in his face. He's prolly just trailer trash too.

Then after more comments on my blog, I see this :

sabath | October 13th, 2006 at 8:22 am

laffs.omg your all from the same mental ward

Mental ward? Oh my god, talk about the pot calling the kettle black. She is no better then the folks she yaps on about. She has started this mess. She started in on folks children, posting IPs and childrens pictures.

Fine, she wants some shit. Ill gladly give it to her.

Come to Detroit honey. Lets sit down and have a "chat" shall we? I fucking dare you to cross me. Take me up on the invitation darlin. Ill put on the tea and we can settle this real fucking quick.

Im in the mood for an ass whoopin. Size 11 foot comin at ya .. you sperm burping cum guzzling roadwhore gutter slut.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Things are moving along quiet nicely in the prove baby skank to be nutty as a fruitcake quest.

And nobody had to do a thing.

What on earth does this crazy cunt think she is going to gain? She can't get into Jo's blog nor mine, so she goes to mija and TJ's and leaves rude comments there. Mmmmkay. What in fuck does little miss MIRANDA (oohhh I know your real name...better call the cops) think that is gonna do. Not only does she piss off myself and Jo, but she pisses off TJ too and more than likely mija (after she stole stuff from mija's site).

Can we say THIEF?

Anyhow, I'm trying to figure out why she's not put another post on her bash blog or left a comment here. One would think she might be a little afraid.

And seeing as the case (umm what case) is with the attorney maybe he told her to stay the fuck away cos she would damage her case. I doubt she even has an attorney, she can't afford to have the net connected, feed her kids and pay legal bills. Come on, something has to give.

Here's TJ's post from her blog.


This post was initially about my dear friend J and her new husband. But some reject from Deliverance felt the need to post something nasty and horribly misspelled on my last post and I have no clue who they are or why they are anywhere near me. So let me address that first.

“sabath October 11th, 2006 at 4:35 pm

Man, what kind of drugs do they got you on…Laughs……Your all pigs. Jo, Your a man, thats why You can’t have kids. i have taken out the trash……LMao.Your all psychotic biatches.God does punish. He is real. Your stupid. It’s sad really your that ignorant, but living from givernmebt assistance speaks in numbers. Have a nice life……Talk to the hand…..cuz im not listening to Your death threats anymore.”

First off, why do you feel the need to use a proxy? I know where you are coming from.
Next, the spelling. My God, there is a reject of public school if ever I’ve seen one. Let me help you abit. It’s “government” dear, dictionary.com works wonders. The grammar is terrible as well but I can’t bring myself to correct all the problems there.

Then, let’s see. First I have kids, I am not a pig. I am quite intelligent and attractive, at least that’s what my gorgeous husband and friends tell me. I am not nor have I ever been pyschotic. I am very sane and stable. You can discuss that with any number of folks and find that it’s very much the truth. I am far from ignorant and do believe in a Higher Power. I am Catholic last I checked and though I don’t believe God solves all the troubles of the word or assists everyone, I find that I create my own path and make my choices. No one rescues me from anything that I don’t do on my own. I do not live off government assistance either. Just because your state denied your application for food stamps and welfare doesn’t mean you can lash out at folks because your feelings are hurt. Take it up with your case worker.

Now as for death threats, I have no clue who you are or what you claim to be but obviously you are highly delusional and in need of serious medication. You are boring, repeative and quite simlpy, beneath me. Women (and in your case I use the term LOOSELY) like you make me sick to my stomach. To attack someone you don’t know that is not able to get pregnant is the lowest, harshest thing you can do. On that note, if you closed your legs and stopped subjecting the rest of us to the stench from that deep cavernous thing you call a vagina, the world would be a better place. If you were more selective as to whom you slept with, your children wouldn’t turn out to be inbred fools that do nothing more than drool on themselves and wonder if “Daddy” is their uncle or grandfather.

Try another gene pool next time you decide to breed like a rutting goat.

Continue to come and read and I’ll gladly post your mindless comments that spew hatred and filth. I’m quite sure the group that reads me will find you just as amusing and ridiculous as I do. Should you feel the need to post again, try using a real email and a link so we can admire your perfection for what it’s worth. But I wonder if God punished you and left the brains in the trash can.

Now kindly take a flying fuck off the head of a sugar frosted cock and go pound sand up your ass.
Now, the real reason I was going to bother posting has suddenly left me. I refuse to post wedding pictures on here now as I don’t want to soil them after having to post the above comments. I’m in no mood for idiocy and inbred fools that think they are better than everyone else. I’ll say this much, you’ve made me laugh. That’s no small feat lately.

All I can say is bravo TJ and hahahahahah.


So, first off, let me introduce myself.

My name is D`Anerah (and no, that isn't me in the picture, I'm not that ugly and hillbillyish) and for the last couple of months myself and some dear friends of mine, have been stalked by the loony pictured above.

First off, she started a wall of shame on her dodgy, badly designed website and she named myself and my friends and posted our IP addresses yadda fucking yadda. I'm assuming it was meant to bother us, how I don't know. And if that wasn't enough, she STOLE pictures of my children from my blog and posted them on her wall of shame. And THEN told all and sundry that she had sent them to a friend who had doctored them, made them porn and THEN posted them on limewire.

Funnily enough, she backpedalled rather quickly when her ISP received numerous emails of complaint from myself, the childrens father, the childrens godfather and several dozen of my friends. Before I could blink that piece of shit she called a website had vanished. Ahhh the far reaching tenticles of my power.

So, back to the story at hand. After my magnificent web guru banning her seven ways to Sunday, peace and order was restored in blog land. Or so we thought. Then I received this email:

X-Originating-IP: []

From: hisdesiredcontrol@netzero.net
Date: 9/10/2006 4:39:40 AM
To: Danerah@Danerah.com
Subject: thanks for the pics hun

Danerah Maree, i so love the girls pics and thanks agin for them you are such a doll!
Compromise, take the pics down or all go up.......=) Have a nice day


Now, I don't know about anyone else. But if I wanted to start a bash site against someone like ME, I certainly wouldn't go and advertise it and tell me. Not knowing that I'll come back ten times bigger and stronger and make you look more stupid.

But then again, since I'm such a nice girl, I decided that the least I could do was return the favour and share the love. I know my bestest friend Jo and my dear friend and partner in rants TJ wanted to tell baby skank just how much they appreciate her fine literary efforts (are you getting my sincerity here?)

Herein lies the response to her first and probably final rant. You'll find what I think in italics.

Read on if you dare.

You ever have someone rub you the wrong way. Someone you wish that would grow up and take a flying leap into their own realm. People you wonder what freaking planet they came from. Go to online chats and deal with some of the *mind fucks* that occupy them. They can not accept public criticism. You wonder how someone spends so much time online and never goes out side.

Umm yes, I feel that way about you and so do my friends, not to mention my kids. As for leaping into our own realm? We are already there, its fucktards like you who keep trying to invade it. And whatever planet you are from, we hope you go back there soon. If you are having trouble affording the trip, then I'm sure we'd all be pleased to pitch in and make a donation. Or maybe I'll just put my boot up your ass and kick you right on back.

I do find it rather amusing that you are STILL ranting about stuff happening in online chats when none of us bother going there anymore and even if we did go back, it certainly wouldn't be to where you are. So go fuck yourself you crusty whore. I honestly believe you should spend more time and money searching for the fathers of your five children. Perhaps they'd be better off living with them, god forbid we should have five more mental defects like you.

UK MindFucksThese bunch of people are *supposed to be thirtyish* They live on government assistance. *JO or Trysori is supposed to be a slave girl........(laughs at that ) She's a polar bear. The girl is as huge Mount Sinai. She has fears of going outside. She needs to learn to control her food intake. LMAO.

Now, as for how old my friends are. That's totally and completely irrelevant. We can be any age we want to on the net and I know for a fact they are the age they say they are. Perhaps your nose is out of joint because nobody found it necessary to give you anymore information? At least they act their age's not like you. My friend Jo is more of a slave than you'll ever be. Because, you see, being a slave involves much more than saying 'yes Master' and opening your legs anytime some drunk at the pub wants a fuck. After all, thats how you got pregnant five times isn't it cunt? And seriously, if the only thing you can throw at Jo is her weight, then you are a pretty sorry individual. As she says, at least she can lose weight, you'll always be ugly and rotten to the core. As for her having fears of going outside, I would too just knowing there are people like you around. Good Lord.

Her Master, steve, lol is supposed to be a Gorean Master. Master at wanking is all i can proclaim. The Man wants to show girls His filthy diseased cock to all women. Put a lid on it moron. Or Let your lil slave castrate you. You need tied up and deballed for your insanity issues. I have never seen a man so ill all the time. This Man is a major complainer and whiner in imho.

In your honest opinion? You aren't allowed an opinion where we are concerned skank. At least not one that anyone would listen to. As for honest, you haven't got an honest bone in your body. I'd rather trust Jack the Ripper than you. Are you getting my message? Jo's Master is definately a Gorean Master, how do I know this? You'd be surprised cunt, but know this. I do know. The only reason you are running around and shooting your mouth off is because unlike some of us, you've never had any real relationship in your life outside of online. As for showing his cock to women? It must not have been that bad cos your skanky ass was chasing him. Damn but the truth hurts doesn't it? I'd be ill all the time having to put up with you hanging round and harrassing people. As for complaining, mmmkay, you'd be enough to send the sanest person to the looney bin.

This girl needs to be a patient on a psychiatric ward. After dealings with this derranged bitch i have came to the conclusion this *bipolar nut case* needs locked up and the key thrown away.Her blogs are about death, or woe is me all the time. if your that unhappy in life......go for it, no one will miss your sorry ass. Best therapy is get it over with and shut the fuck up. How in God's name did you have kids. Them poor babies. Shakes head in disgust.

Ummm now you come to ME. A patient on a psychiatric ward. Good lord, I've a team of psych's here who are more than willing to certify that I am completely insane. But I'm good at it. Infact, I showed your bullshit post to my psychiatrist who told me that you not only need spelling lessons but also a full frontal labotomy. I'd prefer to just shoot you, but I'd settle for tearing out your voice box. If you really think that writting bullshit about me will upset me, you are dead wrong. If anything it gives me a giggle after a long day at work. So I'm deranged. I'm so pleased that some one has finally seen my true potential. If you are so concerned that I am a bipolar nut case who needs to be locked up why on gods green earth do you continue to try to antagonise me? Surely you've heard the saying? Don't mess with the crazy person?
As for your remark about 'them poor babies'? I could say the same thing about yours when they grow up and find out your a candidate for Jerry Springer because you think your brother is the father of your children. Mmm hmm. Anything else cunt?

Your rants make you very ugly. My advice to you....take care of your mind, before you hurt someone. You are a mental bomb ready to explode. This bitch is from Austrailia. Shes dangerous.......to herself lmao

MY rants make me ugly? Oh lord, thats a classic. Take care of my mind? My mind is just find, actually its sharp as a tack, cos if it wasn't I wouldn't be writing rants like this that are not only funny but also make you look more ridiculous than you already are. I'm a mental bomb waiting to explode. Funny about that I just exploded and the only one who got showered with shit is you.

I am dangerous.

And pretty soon your gonna find out just how dangerous I am.

By the way, give my love to the local law enforcement officers when they turn up at your door for using pictures of a minor on your website. Especially when those minors happen to be my children. By the way, for the record? The woman in the picture isnt me, she's actually a child protection worker, I wonder what she'll think when she see's her pic on your trash site?